kill gauri sucsker fock off..#

I really feel bad, I was very shocked not think you could be like this. I'll disappear, straight road in front of me felt empty, what I do in vain. Bored with the daily recurring and endless uncertainty. And I will bear in mind many times that you and Gau will not be happy and endless fights, life and my feelings became a thorn, milk mixed with blood which makes dzolim harm someone. for a moment to understand the meaning of one’s feelings and respect. I'll disappear, abroad, to heaven, or disappear with my shadow self.

kill gauri sucsker now..

been almost a month to live apart, three times in the hospital, the body ached all, trail damage, attempted suicide four times, I hate working in the television industry is very cunning, I hate the thought of his parents who think my garbage man, I’d love to Gauri feels fockin shot with a revolver at his head straight.